Mixing Kettle

Mixing Kettle

KERONE are having +40years experience in designing and manufacturing mixing kettles that can best fit for the various industrial processing requirements of the kettles. We design the kettles are per the size and process need of the client. The kettles manufactured by the KERONE are made of the high quality internal and external material by taking precise care for the size and heat distribution required.

All the mixing kettles manufactured by the KERONE are tailor made based on the your specification, process need, floor area, number of inlet and outlet requirements, type of coating for both internal surface and external surface based on the your process requirements.

Our mixing kettles find application in various industrial processing such as:

1. Chemical Kettles
most widely find application in chemical plants, paint manufacturing, pharmaceutical industries and etc. These kettles are made with very precise care to avoid any shortfall such as correction of kettles, avoid any chemical reaction with the surface material, the inlets and the outlet flow, the rate of rise of temperature (heating rate) and rate of decrease of temperature (cooling rate).

2. Mixing Reactor
Mixing reactors are very commonly used for the solids dissolution, product mixing, chemical reactions, batch distillation, crystallization, liquid/liquid extraction and polymerization. The mixing reactors are the process equipments, within which the major chemical reactions take place. KERONE designs and manufacture the customized mixing reactors based on your process requirements. The mixing reactors built by KERONE are to achieve high efficiency, low operating cost, and control and feedback mechanism.

3. Mixing Reactor with heating/cooling system
At KERONE, we manufacture the high quality, custom developed mixing reactor of both batch type and semi batch type with the heating/cooling systems as per your process requirements. The heating/cooling systems embedded in the mixing reactors are such that it provides high level control and increase the overall system efficiency.

4. Process Reactor
KERONE is having over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality process reactors based on your process requirements. We manufacture process reactors of industrial scale, of various types such as batch type, continuous type, and semi-batch type. Our process reactors find application is industrial processes such as Adhesives processing, Agriculture, Chemical processing, Cosmetics, Food and beverage production, Paints and coating production, Paper and pulp processing, Pharmaceutical and medical production, Plastics and thermoplastics processing

Features of the mixing kettles manufactured by KERONE

  • 1.Built with the high quality stainless steel material or special Alloys.
  • 2.Highly customizable.
  • 3.Tailor made to fit your requirements.
  • 4.High performance
  • 5.Corrosion free
  • 6.Variable mixer speed
  • 7.Highly controllable
  • 8.Very efficient, uniform mixing, heating and cooling.

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